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Clara Yee chuckles as she tries to hold her face still for the makeup artist to fill in her eyebrows. “I find it so hard to talk about my work without being expressive,” she says with a hearty laugh.

Indeed, Yee is in the business of expression. The creative director and co-founder of design studio In The Wild was also art director for the inaugural edition of Singapore Tourism Board’s Singapore: Inside Out in 2015. The international art and design showcase travelled through Beijing, London, New York and Singapore. Yee returned for its second edition last year as its creative director. She’s also ventured into product design, collaborating with Japanese brands Mother Tool and Hakoyoshi to present lifestyle items under Supermama’s KOBO Collection.

Yee says there are no boundaries to what art can achieve. “It is my foray into the arts that helped me open my mind to so much more. Philosophy, maths, engineering, science and fashion — I’ve been exposed to all this. Work excites me; I know I will encounter a topic vastly different from the last.”

Describing the creative process as alchemy as well as a delicate balance of control, methodology, happenstance and instinct, Yee clearly relishes the energy and thrill of generating ideas at breakneck speed while forming connections among them. “It’s as if my mind is racing through the galaxies, dodging meteorites and Thanos...” she says. “It’s exhilarating, really.”