Eu-Yen Tay

Tay Eu-Yen

Vice-president of the newly formed Singapore Nightlife Business Association and co-founder of The Butter Factory Group, Tay Eu-Yen is the lady that got a generation of beautiful people completely buttered into the wee hours of the morning. Lesser known is her persistent flirtations with the law.

The 34-year-old was, in fact, a litigation lawyer with Drew & Napier LLC when the idea for The Butter Factory, was conceived. It was that legal training and grounding in corporate governance, that helped Tay and her partners turn one celebrated nightspot into a thriving group that includes Sauce Bar, Over Easy (a joint venture with The Lo & Behold Group) and events arm, Agenda.

Having acquired numerous folders of research over the years, from contract-drafting to licence application, Tay decided to make the next logical step: Write a legal book tailored to nightlife entrepreneurs. Released in late 2012 and titled Business Law for the Night Entertainment Entrepreneur, the tome is the first single resource of its kind available to the industry.
“Ideally, I’d publish a novel, but hey, a law book’s good too,” she tells us.