Isaac Liu
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Isaac Liu’s father had never seen his son. Plagued by an illness that robbed the senior Liu of his sight and hearing in his twenties, he never saw him nor anyone else for the rest of his life. But his handicaps did not stop him from being an avid volunteer. Neither did he let them keep him from putting Liu through medical school.

Much like his late father, the 35-year-old paediatrician is passionate about serving above and beyond his station. In 2017, Liu took home the Singapore Youth Award, the nation’s highest accolade for youth, in recognition of his tireless work for children.

And whenever he receives praise for his work, the good doctor is quick to demur. “My father passed on his heart of service to me,” says Liu. “He rose above his own problems to care for others, and his impact on the people around him left a very deep impression on me.”

Liu, who works regular 30-hour shifts, often witnesses the pain of loss in the emergency room but refuses to allow himself to wallow. “As doctors, we can help children who are sick and vulnerable. If we don’t put our all into helping them, who else can?”