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Jeffrey Lu comes from a family of technologists and entrepreneurs — his father, uncle and brother founded several semiconductor companies in countries including Taiwan, China and the US. It was as if he was born into the industry.

Lu is the CEO of Engine BioSciences, a company he co-founded that aims to discover and develop new therapies for diseases. Starting a business in a highly specialised field like life sciences forced him to work even harder to achieve what he has today.

“I’ve had to pick up knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be credible. [With Engine Bio] I hope that some of these efforts will yield fruit, especially in products and services that can help patients with diseases that require new and better treatments,” he says. 

And the company has garnered success. Earlier this year, it closed its seed round with US$10 million in funds raised. “As CEO, I set the vision and strategy for the company, lead operations and ensure it is financed for our mission.”

Lu also holds positions in other companies. He is a co-founder at Nest.Bio Ventures and Goodman Capital; a senior advisor at D3Capital (all venture capitalist firms), and a board director at Enleofen Bio, which develops anti-fibrotic therapies for diseases.