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Crochet artist and graphic designer Kelly Lim (pseudonym Kelly Limerick) really, really loves yarn and wool. “I always joke that I want to be buried with it when I die,” she quips. She cuts a striking figure with her handmade yarn braids and synthetic dreadfalls, which have appeared in campaigns for brands from Puma to Apple. (From February to May this year, her mug graced a giant LED screen on Orchard Road as part of the Selfies on iPhone X ad.)

Lim has brought crochet and knitting to a wider audience with her large-scale installations and projects, such as yarn-bombing three institutions at the invitation of the National Heritage Board last year. And she’s demonstrating through her kimokawaii (Japanese for “gross cute”) style that these crafts can be wildly versatile in their expression. “What intrigued me about crochet and knitting is how these balls of yarn look like nothing at all, yet can be used to make absolutely anything,” she says.

From creating origami and paper flowers and crocheting Hello Kitty figurines, Lim now dreams of organising an art festival on one of Singapore’s outer islands, where art exists outside the confines of a traditional gallery. “I want to show there are different kinds of art and each can be appreciated in its own way. Everyone can have his or her own perspective; art should create conversation.”