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Kelvin Chen was fresh out of university when he managed his first project as an engineer: A sound stage for a theme park. The Associate Mechanical Engineer with Aurecon still remembers the day he saw his design come to fruition and the satisfaction that sent shivers down his spine. He recalls, “It was the best feeling. It made me believe I could achieve anything.”

The father-of-three recently brought his children to the theme park and its sound stage that started it all. “I felt very proud to tell them, ‘Daddy designed this’,” he says. “Even though I am a mechanical engineer by training, I was very involved with the building design.”

This affable chap grew up fascinated by buildings and the invisible framework that holds each beautiful structure together. Though most of what Chen does is behind the scenes, his efforts have not gone unrecognised. In 2017, he clinched the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACES) Young Consulting Engineer of the Year in the Mechanical category, as well as the Nanyang Alumni Service Award 2017 for his work with the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Alumni Association (MAEAA) at his alma mater Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Chen wants to obtain his Professional Engineer Certification next. “Knowing that what I am doing now has a positive impact on our society makes the job immensely enjoyable,” he says. “I am living my dream and new challenges energise me. They keep my passion alive and burning.”