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Architecture was not something Lim Jiahui planned to do — it was a course he chose because he scored well enough to qualify. Fortunately, he enjoyed it. Now a principal architect at CPG Consultants, Lim counts himself fortunate to have been involved in several placemaking developments. One honour, he says, was being part of the team that worked on the National Gallery Singapore, which won numerous accolades including a President’s Design Award in 2015.

While his roster of completed projects is now stellar, convincing clients of his design proposals was one skill he had to pick up as a young architect. “People management is an important part of our daily work, something which we need to slowly gain more exposure and experience in. With clear directions and objectives, it is easier to convince others to accept your ideas,”

he shares.

And there is always room for improvement: “I’m a person who constantly strives to do better and hopefully outdo myself one project after the other. I analyse my completed projects to track where I can make improvements or enhance project execution. This is what motivates me.”

So what’s next? Lim is the lead architect for a nursing home at Taman Jurong, while his current project, the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine Singapore’s Deepwater Ocean Basin at NUS, has already received a BCA Green Mark Platinum Award.