Nelson Loh established his career first in investment banking. But it was entrepreneurship that called out to him. “My cousin Terence Loh and I have always wanted to start our own business and do something different,” he shares.

It was when he paid for his mother’s aesthetics bill — “I couldn’t believe every visit cost $3,000 to $5,000” — that he decided to delve into the industry “with a craving to disrupt the whole sector to make it more affordable to the masses.” In 2010, the Novena Global Lifecare was born.

Novena’s portfolio of brands includes NOVU Aesthetics, Equal Beauty and Novena Lifesciences, with more than 100 clinics across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia. “We plan to open at least 100 clinics in China and 50 aesthetics clinics in Spain over the next two years,” Loh shares.

The company is also working with universities and labs in the region to create “an extensive database on Asian genetics for predictive developmental and healthcare management”.

Loh, a graduate of the Harvard Business School YPO President Management programme, also founded venture fund DORR Group. He believes in giving back; he’s helped build multiple childcare centres, set up a sports scholarship fund for underprivileged athletes, and sponsors the Singapore Muay Thai National Team. His Luo Haocai Cambridge Scholarship also enables local undergraduates to pursue further education at Cambridge University’s Girton College.