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Ng Sier Han decided to pursue computer science way before “fintech” was a word. His interest in maths and logic drew him to numerical computation and computational finance. Now he creates financial solutions for DBS’ Financial Institutions Group and oversees negotiations between clients and internal stakeholders to produce bespoke solutions. “I’m a middle child and the middle child is good at trying to get two parties to compromise,” says the 2017 Asian Banker Promising Young Banker in Singapore award winner.

Ng was inspired to join the industry by the energy of the trading floor he witnessed during an internship at DBS in his university days. But the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 gave him pause. “The challenge was existential,” he recounts. “Amid all the losses suffered by investors and collapses of large financial institutions and sovereign, I was grappling with the question of whether banks added value to society.”

Things have picked up since. Ng leads a team of five and contributes to the very DBS management associates programme he himself had progressed through, helping with recruitment, selecting young leaders, and mentorship. But he remains driven to create solutions across all asset classes in the region. “It’s a combination of the training in engineering and a competitive streak that keeps me chasing the next solution, the next transaction,” he says.