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Pam Siow

When she found herself nearly buried under financial debt and languishing in an unrewarding career at age 28, Pam Siow chose to dig her way out by launching a simple three-page website connecting violin students with teachers. She paid off her debts within a year, grew her website into a string of successful digital music sites connecting teachers to students and became “the accidental entrepreneur”. Wanting to build a business out of her newfound Internet marketing skills, Siow started the Internet Biz Owners Club, a vehicle through which her real-world experiences are now channelled into helping thousands of aspiring and experienced business owners succeed. Said to have one of the highest success rates in the industry, the consultancy has also turned Siow into a self-made millionaire. Now 33 and flushed from her successes, Siow has launched the Millionaire Protege Inner Circle, a one-year programme helping new and established business owners build their own first million dollar business.