Call him clichéd or idealistic, but Remy Choo is not ashamed of wanting to “change the world”. Having defended politically sensitive clients such as blogger Alex Au and the editors of The Real Singapore, Choo reveals that standing his ground against senior government lawyers and advancing arguments before the country’s smartest judges continue to be challenging. “It’s an honour and a privilege I take very seriously and work very hard to do justice to,” he adds.

The director at Peter Low LLC specialises in media law, employment and public cases, and has revealed that he is the recipient of the International Bar Association’s Outstanding Young Lawyer Award 2016 (to be announced this month) for his public interest litigation work. Choo is also an avid foodie and marathoner who enjoys going on long runs to clear his head.

He is also a free media activist motivated by “the certainty that, in the long run, Singapore will be an experientially richer and more resilient country, if we understand the value of divergent views”. Choo was named Civil Society Advocate of the Year in 2015 by civil society activist group The Working Committee 3.

“In the long term, I want to change the perception of activism as trouble-making and have it be perceived as an important part of nation-building. I want people to understand that challenging the system is part of my contribution to strengthening the rule of law in Singapore,” says Choo.