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Choosing a career in finance was largely due to circumstance, Sean Tay shares. The executive director and team head of Core Wealth at the Bank of Singapore would help out his parents (his mother was a hawker and his father, a deliveryman) when he was growing up, and supported his family through jobs in factories and eateries and coaching volleyball.

“I witnessed first-hand what hardship was like for those not well-to-do,” says the 2017 Outstanding Young Private Banker Award winner. (Tay is also a two-time recipient of the Bank of Singapore’s Pegasus Circle Award, given to the firm’s 10 best-performing bankers each year.) “It made me want to take up a career in finance so I could help myself, my family and others save and invest properly.”

On top of driving him to groom his team of young bankers, the heart to serve recently earned Tay a District Most Outstanding Young Rotarian award. As president of the Rotary Club of Garden City from 2017 to 2018, he ran charity and community programmes in collaboration with organisations such as Singapore Red Cross and People’s Association. Tay makes it a point to bring his two children, aged three and five, with him when he volunteers: “What I want to achieve next is see my children follow in my footsteps of caring for the less fortunate in society.”