Sung Yong Yi

Yi Sung Yong

Two university mates with a shared dream of helping others are chit-chatting. One says to the other: “Did you hear about the banker who made millions scamming every transaction by just one cent?” And then it clicks. For every transaction that takes place, what if just one cent gets channelled to charity? Then and there, the pair — Yi Sung Yong and Hayward Matthews — started the One Cent Movement (OCM), a company that enables online customers to round up purchases to the nearest dollar and send their otherwise small change to charity.

Staffed by like-minded young’uns and computer wizards, what two-year-old OCM does is build the necessary technology (such as browser plug-ins) for businesses and individuals to round-up transactions. The technology notifies shoppers once $10 worth of round-ups is accumulated and directs them to their charity of choice. Its latest offering, a Chrome browser plug-in that makes it possible for PayPal, Amazon, Shopify, Zalora and eBay customers to give as they shop, was rolled out just last month.