“It is a privileged position to be able to practise as a lawyer and one must devote to doing this to the best of his or her ability,” says Koh Swee Yen, who became a partner at WongPartnership at 28, one of the youngest lawyers to do so at one of Singapore’s Big Four law firms. True to her word, the distinguished lawyer hasn’t let gender or motherhood hold her back from excelling in the field and continues to juggle multiple high-value cases in her Commercial & Corporate Disputes Practice.

On top of that, Koh also believes in giving back to society. She does so by offering pro bono legal counsel via the Legal Aid Scheme for Capital Offences, where she recently managed to have the charge reduced from murder to culpable homicide in a capital case.

She is also proud to “fly the Singapore flag and sell the Singapore brand and reputation” in the field of international arbitration through the International Bar Association (IBA)’s Arb40 platform for young arbitrators. “I am very proud to be elected as co-chair of the Steering Committee of IBA Arb40, leading and working together with 16 other members who mostly come from large international firms headquartered in New York or London, with many offices all over the world.”