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To entrepreneur and mother-of-four Yvon Bock, Hegen is her fifth “baby”. Launched in 2015, the home-grown babycare start-up has earned rave reviews for its bottles and an admirable 4.9 rating on China’s Tmall online marketplace. Last November, it became the first Singaporean company to feature in Alibaba’s 11.11 global shopping festival. Bock is targeting to expand its presence to 35 markets by 2022.

Formerly in asset management, Bock was inspired to create an integrated system when she became left with more than 10 separate babycare products after breastfeeding her children over a span of 11 years. “Family made me want to start something to advocate what I think is important in life,” she explains. She and her team spent four years creating more than 200 prototypes, eventually settling on an asymmetrical teat design and a soft-square bottle that encouraged babies to latch on. The all-in-one express-store-feed system with interchangeable adapters, feeding collars and storage lids won a Life Category Gold Award at the Good Design Awards 2018.

When she’s not in town cheering on her three sons at their rugby matches — she says she’s too chill to be a tiger mum — Bock runs seminars throughtout Asia to discuss breastfeeding, bonding and parenting. “It’s not just a business for me,” she says. “It’s about supporting and growing with a community.”