Yvonne Chee

Yvonne Chee

If all goes to plan, Yvonne Elizabeth Chee will complete her quest to run seven marathons in seven continents this November and in doing so, raise funds for the Tsao Foundation.

For the Record

Since 2008, she has completed the New York, Singapore, Sydney, Paris, Marrakesh and Rio de Janeiro marathons. A hopefully successful completion of the Antarctic Ice Marathon (a day after her 34th birthday) in November will see her become the third and youngest Singaporean to race in all seven continents.

National Pride

“Achieving the dream of running seven marathons on seven continents, while being able to give back to society and hopefully reaching my goal of $35,000 funds for the elderly, would be the best birthday present I could get,” says Chee, who is dedicating the quest to her late maternal grandmother. “We have a lot to learn from our elders who deserve to have a good quality of life.”


Chee is now running towards her next goal: The North Pole marathon. She hopes to link the endeavour with “a campaign to raise awareness for the needs of the elderly and to raise much-needed funds for them”. No female Singaporean has achieved this feat and the passionate runner states: “I hope to be an example to women in Singapore.”