Help those in need via these COVID-19 fundraisers

The easiest thing you can do to save lives during this COVID-19 pandemic is to stay home during circuit breaker. While many of us are blessed with shelter, food, and family, some people have already experienced the loss of jobs, and subsequent lack of food, financial woes, and access to personal hygiene products. For others, the pandemic exacerbates existing suffering; we are seeing increased rates of domestic violence at home. Here’s where fundraising comes into play. Your donation can go a long way into alleviating the struggles of the vulnerable. Keep reading to find out about the on-going fundraising initiatives, and organisations working hard to help those in need.

“Those who can help those in need” goes the tagline of #WeCareSG, a movement organised by South Central Community Family Service Centre and participating organisations. With the solidarity payment of $600, it calls for everyone who can afford it to donate the sum to aid society’s margins.

One hundred percent of your donated payout will be distributed to over 50,000 families who live in HDB rental flats, particularly those with young children, single parents and the elderly.

Once you have donated, post a photo of yourself on social media with a sign saying #WeCareSG and tag to raise further awareness.

With the soaring numbers of COVID-19 cases among the migrant worker community, it’s now more important now than ever to lend your support. While the Ministry of Manpower has rolled out measures for aid, there still remains the vulnerable on the sidelines. The fund seeks to support two groups: Migrant workers who are currently living in the dormitories but not under quarantine. They will not be receiving any wages as operations have ceased. The mandatory three daily meals are also not extended to these workers. For some workers whose employers are providing food, they will experience a future deduction from their salary. The other group it covers is the Special Pass holders, who have outstanding disputes, compensations, employment issues and not legally employed. They have no access to income, shelter, or food, and government resources.

The fund goes to two beneficiaries: Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) and HealthServe Ltd. While the initial goal was $100,000, funds have encouragingly now amassed to a whopping $323,019.


First established in 2003 during the SARS outbreak, The Courage Fund by the National Council of Social Services provides relief to vulnerable individuals and families. This includes affected healthcare workers, frontline workers and volunteers. Make donations of $10, $20, $50, or $100. Alternatively, you can also choose a preferred amount.

The Invictus Fund, also set up by the National Council of Social Services, serves the social service agencies that help vulnerable individuals, families and communities. Donations will help keep them running, with continued and improved operations, use of technology and other initiatives to aid the needy.

The COVID-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC) is a collaboration between Citizen Adventures, ItsRainingRaincoats, Migrant x Me and Singapore Migrant Friends. Funds raised will go towards providing our migrant workers with basic needs and essentials, such as food, personal hygiene products, accommodation along with the design and implementation of programmes to help with their mental and emotional wellness. It also curates learning resources to equip them with knowledge and know-how.

COVID-19 brings to attention the inequalities faced by women in the areas of unemployment, domestic violence, and caregiving. AWARE’s Vulnerable Women’s Fund will contribute to the organisation’s Women’s Helpline and Sexual Assault Care Centre to support women in crisis with counselling, support groups and legal clinics, provide 10 low-income single mothers and their children with free housing at its Support, Housing and Enable Project Shelter (S.H.E Project Shelter) for up to two years, and its Research and Advocacy work arm.

The stretch goal is $500,000, and will be able to fund more counselling sessions for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, more returned Helpline calls, improved programmes for shelter residents, expanded research on vulnerable women and more trainings for public First Responders.

#SGPaysItForward is the latest fund-raising national initiative that calls on individuals and organisations to help vulnerable communities in Singapore by donating a care pack at $25 each. This would include sanitary essentials such as hand sanitiser, disinfectant spray, antibacterial body wash, wipes, handwash, vitamin C, and surgical masks. Simply make your donation online and it’ll be delivered to those in need. All purchases go towards funding the provision, fulfilment, and island-wide deliveries. Its goal is 100,000 Care Packs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to people’s life.

In Singapore, the Singapore Children’s Society has seen an increase in the needs of its beneficiaries. Many children and youth are experiencing fear and stress because of financial uncertainly that their families are facing. Others are vulnerable because of abusive caregivers.

As such, the Singapore Children’s Society is appealing for your donations so that more can be done to help, protect and nurture these children and their families in need.

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