So, 2020 didn’t work out quite as planned.

While our minds and souls are still stuck in March (oh, how naive we were to think this whole pandemic would end by August), the twinkling fairy lights and Christmas carols on the streets are here to remind us that time has moved on without us, and we are, in fact, nearing the end of 2020.

No one will be able to anticipate what 2021 will bring — but that doesn’t we can’t use the new year to start on a fresh slate. So grab a planner, lay out your goals, pencil in a much-needed self-care routine, and (attempt to!) hit all your never-ending work deadlines.

Read on for all the best planners and journals you can get to sort out 2021 with.

(Main and featured image: Cathryn Lavery via Unsplash)

Bynd Artisan

Do your part to support local by getting one of these sleek planners from Bynd Artisan. From a beautiful cowhide leather cover to customised paper stock type and wires, you can be sure that each planner is handmade right here in Singapore, with love. Make sure grab some handcrafted writing accessories while you’re at it.

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Along with a 53-week weekly planner and monthly review pages to keep your plans in check, each Mossery calendar comes with quirky illustrations to keep you inspired throughout the year. If you’re just getting into BuJo (that’s short for bullet journalling, in case you’re wondering), then the Mossery Planner Kit is perfect for you. Inside, you’ll find a customised 2021 planner and accessories like highlighters, coloured pens, sticker packs, deco tape and more to simplify your day-to-day scheduling experience.

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If you’re the kind who likes to go straight to the task at hand, no-frills needed, then the planners at Moleskine are perfect for you. From between daily, weekly and monthly and monthly planners, each book comes with the brand’s iconic premium Italian leather case and wonderfully durable paper stock to aid with your journalling.

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The Positive Planner

With the stress and anxiety that 2020 brought, it’s only fair to say that mental health and well-being should start taking more priority in our lives. Cue The Positive Planner, a twelve-week journey of gratitude and positivity. Here, you’re encouraged to pen down your daily intentions and reflections, as well as sections that’ll make self-care, journaling and mindfulness an everyday practice. It also features some everyday organisational extras such as meal planners, shopping lists and monthly diary spreads to your basic day-to-day planning.

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An extensive 12-month planner filled with motivational quotes, funny reminders and a helpful habit tracker that helps aims to guide users on a gentle approach to mental wellness while improving organisation and time-management. Besides annual, monthly and weekly planning pages, inside each book is a monthly exercise for mental wellness and reflections too.

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