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Hermès unveils a lighthearted line-up of playful objects for Autumn-Winter 2022

True to the maisons’ theme of the year, each of Hermès’ Autumn-Winter 2022 Objects is designed to add a touch of fun lightheartedness to the season.

For 2022, Hermès’ underlying theme has been ‘Lighthearted’ — a fitting celebration of fun and joie de vivre. True to this, the maison recently unveiled a line-up of designs for its Autumn-Winter 2022 Objects collection, and lighthearted indeed they are. 

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Paying homage to Hermès’ contemporary artisans model — a philosophy the House has retained since as early as 1837 — this season’s objects continue to highlight the creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship that defines Hermès. A series of vividly-coloured and playful objects add a burst of life to the season, reminding us to have fun in the most sophisticated way. 

As always, Hermès’ never fails to surprise. There’s something enchanting about each impeccably crafted item — from a cotton Yukata in the brands’ signature orange, to porcelain plates painted to represent the sun. Accompanying a series of absolutely beautiful jewellery designs, footwear, and bags are the fun and unpredictable — cue an epopee block puzzle made of maple, natural shampoo and skincare for dogs, and even a set of alpine skis in ash, complete with cheval punk print. 

On the accessories front, expect quality materials with a twist of tongue and cheek. Footwear designs range from tantalisingly soft shearling sandals, to knee-high boots and a derby in calfskin, while the calfskin belts come in plain leather, or with a flaming fire motif embroidered by the buckle. We’ve always had a fondness for the maisons’ scarves, and this seasons’ designs tell dreamy stories of rollerblading flamingos and armies of golden-armoured horses.

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