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How to dress up your bedroom for better sleep, according to a bedding specialist

There’s nothing like retreating into your bedroom and sinking into the mattress after a long day.

But if your sleeping quarters aren’t set up to soothe your soul, it’s hard getting the quality of rest you need. Research has shown that aesthetics matter – everything from the textures used and how furniture is arranged can affect emotional states. So, a good-looking bedroom isn’t just for pretty’s sake; it can improve your slumber and well-being.

Cottoncrumbs, a homegrown bedding and home textiles brand, knows just how to elevate the most intimate space in your home to a new rung of comfort. It specialises in luxurious Tencel beddings with a 300 thread count, which are also made smart and functional with polyester drawstrings, deep pockets to fit super-thick mattresses and slots on the side for things like charging cables and phones.

To help you create a cosy, hotel-like cocoon for a well-deserved hibernation, we got the folks at Cottoncrumbs to share some low-effort, big-impact pointers that will make you look forward to bedtime every night.

Pillows and shams

Aesthetics play a big part in our perception of comfort. Apart from making your bed look divine, different types of pillows – european, king-sized, regular, throw and lumbar, for example  – can add cosiness to the bed, making it more inviting.

Most of our homes or bedrooms have a theme and a colour scheme. Take your time to look around your bedroom and note the colours you have more than others. For instance, if your room walls are white, your bedside tables are black, and your carpet is green, your pillows should match either of these shades. Colours aside, you can also play around with various shades, textures and materials. Can’t find something that compliments your interiors? Go bespoke! There are sellers on Etsy that let you customise designs and colours.

The sheets

Cottoncrumbs’ sheets have deep pockets to ensure full mattress coverage.

The bed is the first thing you see in the bedroom. As such, its coverings can dramatically impact the overall feel of the space. To help make shopping for bedding a breeze, Cottoncrumbs has a “Customise Your Bed” page that helps you visualise how its sheets will look in your room. There are fixed sets in one colour scheme, as well as individual bedding components should you want multiple colours. Cottoncrumbs’ sheets are made with high quality Tencel, which is more breathable than cotton and feels as gentle as silk. The material is also made from sustainably sourced wood using environmentally responsible processes.

The flat sheet

Placed in between the fitted sheet and your bed coverlets, the flat sheet, also known as “the sleeper”, is something that many consider to be superfluous as it creates more work in making the bed. However, its practicalities outweigh the additional 30-second hassle. Not only does it give your bed a designer or hotel look with an additional layer, you save on washing the duvet covers as often with less contact. Plus, flat sheets are great for warmer nights when it gets too hot under the duvet.


This goes on top of your duvet and can add character and sophistication to your bed. Typically, it’s placed at the foot or centre of the bed where the duvet folds over the flat sheet, but feel free to throw it anywhere you like for a nonchalant, lived-in look.

The importance of styling

Keep your charging cables and phones near with these side pockets on Cottoncrumbs’ sheets.

Imagine this: At bedtime, you find your bed in a disarray. Sheets are unmade, pillow cores and duvet inserts are out of alignment with their covers, and there’s a riot of print and colours. That sounds stressful, doesn’t it? Quality plays a part, but there’s more to a good night’s rest than an high-end mattress and bedding. Having a quiet and uncluttered room counts for something as well. The devil is in the details!

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(All images: Cottoncrumbs)

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