If you are a brand that makes high-tech, high-end cameras, what do you do when you hear that the ultimate performance car — the McLaren P1 — would be in town for a short, invite-only preview before it’s flown out again? Enlist Singapore’s photographic L’Enfant Terrible to document the car’s underlying sex appeal for all eternity.

Well, at least, that’s what you do when you are Leica Camera.

With help from the makers of the British supercar, the German camera-maker had the P1 whisked away for an overnight session with Geoff Ang, an illustrious fashion and commercial photographer, who just so happens to be a car enthusiast too.

Equipped with Leica’s own performance-driven innovation — the new Leica S medium format digital camera with improved handling and outstanding speed — Ang allowed himself to be guided by emotion as he sought to capture the intangible: the essence of how the aerodynamic supercar makes one feel.

And judging by his series of photos, it’s perhaps safe to say that the P1 will make you, the driver, feel as dynamic as a caped, comic book super hero.