Luxury gadgets to truly elevate style and comfort in your life

Crafted aesthetically to upscale our lives, these luxury gadgets may come at astounding prices but they drive innovation like never before. From transparent futuristic TVs to a self-levelling pool table made for yachts, it is time to invest in luxury.

Check out our list of the most intriguing and extravagant luxury gadgets that can elevate your style as well as comfort like nothing else.

(Hero image credit: Samsung; Featured image credit: Bugatti)

Luxury meets engineering to create a high-quality audio output of 200 watts along with 2.1 virtual surround sound. These speakers include a rear silencer and tailpipe borrowed from the Porsche 911 GT3 and is accompanied by a matt black silhouette and impeccable loss-free audio transmission.

The speakers have an LED display and offer an easy Bluetooth pairing function as well. The built-in Chromecast lets you connect them to your favourite music app for flawless wireless streaming.

The bass and treble can be controlled via remote, and the lip-sync function is like icing on the cake for audiophiles. It serves as the easiest way to add luxurious ambient audio to your house parties.

Kohler’s voice-activated smart bathtub will elevate your usual bathing experience and fulfil your luxury sauna dreams in the comfort of your home. Ambient lighting coupled with steam and the option to avail aromatherapy with a mere voice command lets you have a fully immersive relaxing experience.

This sleek and revolutionary lamp is a product that is made to last for decades with state-of-the-art personalised lighting. It is equipped with a daylight tracking option that mimics daylight and automatically adjusts its brightness precisely.

It features touch controls and can also be accessed via a mobile app for added convenience. Another interesting feature is the motion sensor that will automatically turn the light off if you move away. There are options to customise and configure the light settings to suit your geographical location as well.

LG Styler will quickly and effortlessly refresh, sanitise, and uncrimp your lightly worn clothes with just water. It features an ergonomic design and can be placed inside your closet without needing much space.

Three gadgets in one, LG Styler will clean, iron and steam your clothes using its intelligent steam cycles namely Refresh mode, Sanitary mode, Gentle dry and Special care. It can handle up to five clothing items at a time and also works as a humidifier to refresh the space. It can also be operated using the mobile app remotely to keep track of the cycles.

Samsung’s breakthrough QLED 4K TV is wall-art and TV in one with options to customise bezel and choose from a vast array of high-resolution artwork (1400 pieces and growing) to blend with your décor. The picture quality is one of the finest, thanks to its quantum dot technology and dual-LED colour tones that produce realistic and vivid images. 

Other notable features include the unique SpaceFit sound technology for automatic audio adjustment according to space, multi-viewing options, eco remote, seamless mobile mirroring and built-in voice assistant for a hands-free experience.  


Kohler Numi 2.0 Toilet is the successor to the original Kohler Numi Toilet that made waves for its extravagant style and utility in 2011. Sporting outstanding design and personalised self-cleansing functions, this voice-activated toilet is Bluetooth enabled and claims to be more water-efficient than its predecessor.

It features a personalised dryer option, heated seats, built-in speakers, ambient mood lighting, motion sensor LED lights and custom user profiles that enable users to make adjustments via a voice command or a mobile app.

Devialet’s newly launched Phantom I speakers are exceptionally powerful, one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speakers that deliver high-resolution audio with extreme precision. These iconic speakers sport a spherical design with aesthetic LED displays and impactful bass.

The acoustics are distortion-free and crisp, without any latency that lets you distinguish between a violin and a cello. Its distinctive French design with its signature gold side panels makes it nothing short of a miniature art piece.

Bugatti’s latest product is not one of its supercars but a pool table. Available at an exorbitant price of $300,000, this carbon fibre reinforced pool table comes equipped with a gyroscopic sensor for self-levelling which makes it perfect to be used on a yacht.

This extravagant pool table features a high-resolution 13-inch touchscreen that gives real-time updates on who’s winning the game, a durable body made of aluminium and titanium, a built-in LED light for enhanced visibility and a noise-free self-levelling feature on each leg.

The brand has announced that only 30 of these tables will be produced, making it indeed an exclusive lifestyle product.

LG HOM-BOT Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a low-noise, ultra-thin, intelligent cleaner that vacuums and mops at the same time. Powered by strong suction technology and ultrasonic sensors, it picks up every speck of dust, pet hair and dirt, leaving your house flawlessly clean.

What makes it smart is the use of dual cameras to scan the floor as well as the ceiling to avoid any obstacles and bumps. It memorises the layout of your house using its self-learning feature.

Other smart features include scheduled cleaning, spot cleaning and mopping, and self-diagnosis for smart repairs and voice alerts. Priced at $1499 (at the time of publishing this article), this robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the most expensive smart cleaners in the world.

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