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Like it or not, our lives are powered by technology. We wake up to tech, we work with tech, we unwind with tech and we sleep with tech. This means that the latest and buzziest gadgets will undeniably make impressive and practical gifts, no matter the recipient. Whether it’s for a parent who could use a bigger screen, a partner who’s all about optimisation, a teen who’s savvier than you, or a friend who’s constantly plugged in, Samsung has a smart device for each of them. Take your pick and check off your holiday shopping list.  (Stylist: Lena Kamarudin; Photographer: Jeff Chang)
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Crystal Lee

Digital Editor
Prestige Singapore's Digital Editor wonders if she's better with words or numbers. Some days she thinks she's terrible at both. But most of the time, she's pretty good at eating, drinking, admiring beautiful things, and exploring new worlds.