Amethyst is the birthstone for February babies and also doubles up as a significant piece to celebrate a couple’s sixth and 17th wedding anniversary.

Its name derived from the Greek word, amethustos, which means sober. Thus, the stone is greatly associated with preventing intoxication — a some sort shield against toxins and poison.

Use of amethyst
Because of the great grape-like colour of the stone, it is mythically associated with Bacchus, the Greek god of wine. It is also because of this wino colour that many drew the link of how the gem can help prevent drunkenness and intoxication.

It also comes with a long history of how it was used as a repellent of evil energies. Camillo Leonardi, a famous astrologer in the 1500s, is known to have kept one in his possession, believing that it pushes aside all his evil thoughts for quick- and intelligent-thinking.

In most recent years, a remarkable use of the amethyst is when Cartier made an amethyst and turquoise necklace in 1947 for Wallis Simpson, the twice-divorced American socialite who married the former King Edward VIII and became Duchess of Windsor.

Ranging in hues of deep to pale purple, the stone is most appealing as a decorative piece for both you and your home. Its formation plays a huge part in why it is often used as home décor pieces. Formed in a geode, volcanic rock with air bubbles inside that create hollow cavities, rich-purple amethyst stones of various sizes and white crystals line the spherical rock which has a durable outer wall. It looks a lot like crystallised yam to us.


Now, while the precious gems found in the geode are used for jewellery, the durable outer wall are often simply displayed as a part of home décor, adding that pop of purple and good vibe to any room.

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Why amethyst is such a gem
When an amethyst stone is evenly coloured with a no-inclusion clarity, it tends to fetch a higher price, making it much more valuable.

Size matters too of course. A single amethyst crystal was once found, weighing almost 75kg, and was displayed at the GIA Museum.

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Here, we have four stunning pieces of jewellery utilising amethysts. You could even remind your February-born friend to wear one of these purple sparkles on her birthday to maybe prevent drunkenness at her party too.