Christmas gift guide for the men in your life

While it’s easy to gift the men in your life with a generic pair of socks, another tie or their favourite whisky, why not go the extra step with some of these shopping ideas we’ve put together. From a pair of Tod’s loafers to Gucci jewellery, we’re pretty sure there’s something here for everyone. You can thank us later.


Necklace, price unavailable,

Overseas Dual Time watch in black, $34,400,

Love cufflinks, $4,300,

Leather bar set, $4, 327,

Blue Label whisky, $215,

Velvet moccasins, price unavailable,

Racing car sterling silver and enamel cocktail shaker, $13, 500,

Love Lab Backnet red sneakers, $1,100,

Long-sleeved sweater, $990,

1837 Makers wide chain bracelet in sterling silver and 18k gold, price unavailable,

Samarcande paperweight, $710,

Amyris homme Extrait de parfum, price unavailable,

Greeting pour-over coffee stand, $1,095,

Sweater, price unavailable,

Alessandro Demesure leather patina illusion Oxford shoe, price unavailable,

A100 walkman A series, $569,

Leather fingerless gloves, price unavailable,