A scene from the movie Sex and the City (2008) sees Samantha Jones attacked by an animal activist who flings scarlet liquid onto Jones’ ivory fur coat and yelling “fur is murder!” Such a scene isn’t just fiction, as enthusiastic animal rights campaigners take radical actions to pursue the cause. Designer Tom Ford himself had a PETA member flung tomato juice at him at a WWD event, forcing him to rethink the use of fur for his namesake brand. Today, his label has joined the ranks of numerous fashion houses that have pledged to go cruelty-free.

But not everyone is for this movement. The fashion industry remains divided on the long-term sustainability of going fur-free. Some argue that real fur is far more sustainable as it’s biodegradable. Faux fur is also said to be equally problematic, as it’s often made of recycled plastic, and its production uses petrochemical poisons which pollute the air and the environment. It’s also made of synthetic fibres, that often leach into water supplies. Fortunately, many brands are putting in real work into minimising their environmental footprint, by working with scientists to create compostable faux fur textiles, and engineering biofabricated collagen to make leather, sans the toxic emissions and water pollution.

Whatever your stance, you can’t deny that this marks positive change for the environment as shoppers become increasingly conscious about their wardrobe choices. Ahead, we list some of the major fashion houses that have gone fur-free in the past year.