Catsuits are making a comeback, thanks to these celebrities

Choosing the perfect outfit does take a whole lot of work, especially when one finds themselves in a fix about pairing the right ensemble. Speaking of being in a fix, we always have celebrities to the rescue. Be it the Bollywood biggies or the Hollywood glitterati, all of these divas swear to fix your fashion dilemmas. Likewise, here come the Hollywood divas, taking the onesie trend a notch above with their style and their ability to ace whatever the fashion scene throws at them. 

This trend sure isn’t a new one to follow, but it is starting to reappear on our insta feeds, courtesy of these Hollywood divas. So, brace yourselves as you’re about to witness the catsuit’s comeback as we have an alluring lineup from the Kardashians to the Jenners all dolled up in bodycon onesies. 

Catching up with the catsuit trend

Dua Lipa


To begin with, we have the singing sensation, Dua Lipa making us levitate with her sartorial choices. As for the catsuit trend, Lipa was seen donning a custom Balenciaga catsuit for her future nostalgia tour. From the head-to-toe neon palette, the lacy details to the hand gloves, each and every aspect of her ensemble were worth grabbing all the heed not just on the stage, but on the runway too. 

Cardi B


Next up we have the one who is not just breaking records but is also taking the world of fashion by storm. Yes, you guessed it right, it is the sensational Cardi B! The ace rapper braved a drippy catsuit with sheer sass and utmost confidence. From the rainbow-like palette to the trippy polka dots, her catsuit sure looked like icing on the cake, and her vibe was the cherry on the top. 

Kylie Jenner


Hopping on to the Jenner clan, we have Kylie Jenner acing the trend like a pro. The diva pulled off a pink see-through catsuit along with knee-length leather boots. The sheer effect and the see-through design sure are what mark the highlight of her look.

Kim Kardashian


Well, how can the Kardashians be left behind while one talks about trends? Taking the pink play ahead in accordance with Balenciaga’s style streak, Kim Kardashian showcases some of her best catsuits from the said designer’s collection. From sheer, leather to velvet, one can definitely feel the catsuit trend going miles above what we expected. 

Hailey Bieber


Lastly, we have queen Hailey Bieber to sweep us all off of our feet with a floral addition to the trend. Might not be a recent one, but the glamorous diva was spotted looking all refreshing in a floral catsuit from Yves Saint Laurent. 


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