The Cartier Tank is one of the most coveted watch models created in the 20th century. Not to mention one of the most influential.

A pioneer of geometric lines and restraint in form, Louis Cartier turned the watchmaking world upside-down with the release of the Tank in 1917.

Eschewing the universal circle shape and creating a watch made for the wrist – a novelty at the time – Cartier drew inspiration for the Tank from the rectangular silhouette of a Renault tank seen from above, a symbol of power the watchmaker had witnessed on the WWI battlefield.

Style icons spanning the 20th century, from Yves Saint Laurent to Andy Warhol to Jackie Kennedy Onassis to Princess Diana and Mick Jagger, all donned different variations from the Tank collections. Today, the Tank is no less fashionable than it was decades ago.

As the Tank turns 100 this year, Cartier has gone above and beyond with a special 100th anniversary collection, which includes new versions of the Tank Louis Cartier for women; the Tank Française; the Tank Américaine, Steel; and the Tank Cintrée Skeleton.

Flip through the above gallery to explore these stunning watches, as well as a few of the classics, in greater detail.