Luxury shaving kits for men that make for perfect gifts

To many men, shaving is more like a sacred ritual than an everyday chore. Of course, grooming is the end goal. And some brands help in making this daily activity smooth (no pun intended) without harming the skin.

From the quality razors to creamy soaps, every item is aimed to make you comfortable and not miss the professional barber. Here’s a look at some luxury brands that offer ready-made shaving kits.

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Caswell-Massey is an American apothecary brand that has been in the business of making luxury grooming products since 1752. This set includes a Holy Black double-edged safety razor, TrueBlack shave brush, handmade RÒS shave soap and RÒS Eau de Parfum (15 ml).

The razor has a solid brass handle which makes it heavy enough for better control while shaving. Caswell-Massey says that at 139.1 grams, it is one of the heaviest in the market. The rubberised handle of the brush does not slip even when smeared with lather. Its Taklon bristles dry faster than others, enabling you to quickly repack if you are on the move.

The citrusy and spicy RÒS Eau de Parfum is created in collaboration with the New York Botanical Garden. Like all of Caswell-Massey soaps, the one in this kit is also free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Cruelty-free and made from plant-based ingredients, coconut oil and vegetable-based glycerin in it help in keeping the skin hydrated and reduces inflammation.


Bevel’s end-to-end kit helps nourish your skin and cleanse it every time you shave. It contains a safety razor and brush, priming oil, shave cream, restoring balm and 20 replacement blades. Ingredients used in the oil, cream and balm include aloe vera, coconut water, witch hazel extract, and white and green tea. They are free from alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and other harmful substances. The combination of all three helps fight blemishes and skin irritation.

You don’t need to worry about razor bumps or irritation as all Bevel products are clinically tested to prevent these issues.

Buy this high-end shaving kit for the jet black Morris Park razor. Named after one of the oldest auto-racing arenas in the US, the razor has Gillette five blades cartridge and an evenly balanced handle to reduce the pressure on the skin.

The kit also contains The Art of Shaving’s ‘4 Elements of the Perfect Shave’ items — sandalwood pre-shave oil, sandalwood shaving cream, sandalwood after-shave balm and black genuine badger shaving brush.

The olive and castor oil is alcohol and synthetic-free helps your skin remain calm. The sandalwood shaving cream contains coconut acid and a high concentration of glycerine which keeps the skin hydrated. The after-shave balm acts as an all-day moisturiser, lasting around eight hours. The brush is designed to retain warm water for the softening of beard hair and also gently exfoliates the skin.

Packaged in a brown leather case, this shaving kit includes a safety razor, travel brush, lavender shaving cream, and a manicure set. The double edge Merkur 23C razor has a long handle and is light-weight. It comes in a closed comb design which ensures a low risk of injury and beginners can use it safely. You can even change the gap between the blade and the bar to customise it for thoroughness and smoothness as per your liking.

Made from pure badger hair, the Dovo Travel Brush will help you build up the perfect lather with the glycerine-based, lavender UOMO shaving soap. The Dovo grooming set includes stainless steel nose hair trimmers and nail clippers.

This set has three pieces — a razor, shave brush and stand. The double edge safety razor is designed for a comfortable shaving experience while ensuring the perfect cut of the hair. The silvertip badger hair brush effectively applies the lather for a smoother shave. Handles of both the razor and the brush are made of brass and plated with nickel finished in chrome.

For a complete experience, you can also purchase Baxter’s Super Close Shave Formula, shaving cream for all skin types, as an add on. Coconut extract in the cream will keep the skin hydrated and the peppermint oil will work as the perfect antidote to any razor burn.

Barbiere is the Italian luxury fragrance maker Aqua di Parma’s shaving line. Its Prestige kit, which comes in an Acqua Di Parma yellow bag, contains the brand’s iconic synthetic fibre shaving brush, shaving cream and aftershave. It also contains Acqua di Parma’s Colonia — a light floral cologne with notes of lemon, Calabrian bergamot, Bulgarian rose, rosemary, sandalwood and patchouli among others. The kit does not include a razor.

This one is for the men who like a traditional barbershop-like shave. It contains a Dovo 5/8 inches half hollow carbon steel straight razor to give you the perfect hold and smooth shave. You can sharpen the blade after each shave using the latigo leather strop that is supplied with the kit.

Other items include a hand-bound, RoyalShave PB9 silvertip badger shaving brush with a black resin handle and bulb-shaped body for a  solid grip. The lemon sandalwood scented shaving soap, which comes in a ceramic bowl, also contains shea butter and coconut oil for skin hydration and the scent of wood, citrus and spice will have a soothing effect. The kit contains a RoyalShave Alum Pen, a styptic pen, for immediate use just in case you cut yourself.

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