Summer is here, and with it brings a dazzling array of colourful jewels from our favourite high and fine jewellery brands.

While classic white diamonds and pearls always rank at the top of our list for their timeless appeal and versatility, this season is all about fun and flamboyance. So we can’t help but be drawn to multicoloured jewellery designs that easily inject vibrancy to any ensemble.

It’s perfect timing then, that prominent names including Bulgari and Piaget have kicked off the season with resplendent new collections festooned with vividly-hued gemstones. Several fine jewellers have also followed suit by pairing stones in a variety of shades to create sparkling statement pieces.

Read on for our picks of the most magnificent multicoloured jewellery designs you’ll want to incorporate into your summer wardrobe.

(Main photo: Bulgari; Featured photo: Piaget)

This glorious bib necklace from Bulgari‘s newly launched Barocko high jewellery collection pulls out all the stops with a glittering array of fancy pink and violet sapphires contrasted with emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines. Swirls of pink gold — adorned with round and drop diamonds — lend touches of drama and exuberance. According to the brand, this showstopper took almost 1,000 hours to construct.

(Photo: Bulgari)

Lebanese fine jeweller L’Atelier Nawbar has a penchant for flamboyant designs, and this spectacular pinky ring is testament to it. Fashioned in 18k yellow gold, it’s mounted with a striking turquoise central stone and encrusted with an assortment of black diamonds (0.35 carats), rubies (1.02 carats), sapphires (0.60 carats) and white diamonds (0.25 carats).

(Photo: L’Atelier Nawbar)

Inspired by red maple trees and their vibrant hues, this gorgeous pendant by Hong Kong jeweller Austy Lee combines lustrous opals of different varieties ranging from Ethiopian to fire and semi-black opals. It is dusted with Tahitian Keshi pearls and champagne diamonds, and features tendrils of verdant tsavourites running throughout it. The pendant is set in 18k white gold and is part of Lee’s nature-themed The Chloris’ Yard collection.

(Photo: Austy Lee)

A highlight of Piaget‘s newly unveiled Wings of Flight high jewellery line, this Majestic Plumage necklace is a visually-arresting assemblage of Paraiba tourmalines, red spinels, and blue, orange and yellow sapphires. These culminate in a juicy 7.49-carat pear-shaped Paraiba tourmaline and are embellished with detachable feathers marquetry. The transformable necklace, which is set in 18k white gold, can be worn in four different ways including as an ear cuff. Piaget’s collection also features matching earrings, a ring, and three bejewelled watches.

(Photo: Piaget)


“More is more” seems to be Belgian jewellery artist Joke Quick’s ethos when it comes to design. Her creations are unbashedly bold and often showcase unexpected combinations of colourful gems and precious stones. Take this ring for example, which is bedecked with unheated pavé padparadscha sapphires (1.52 carats), rose-cut diamonds (1.43 carats), Australian white opal 0.54 (carats), and white brilliant-cut diamonds (0.055 carats) set against a blackened sterling silver back. The rest of the band is crafted in 18k yellow gold. If you’re interested in adding it to your treasure trove, you can purchase the ring directly here.

(Photo: Joke Quick)


These yellow gold earrings from Portuguese jeweller Rosior are the epitome of glamour with their cascading layers of pink and blue sapphires, white and blue diamonds, and amethysts. Trimmings of emeralds and yellow sapphires create a striking contrast. The gemstones in this beauty weigh a hefty 4.39 carats in total.

(Photo: Rosior)


British fine jeweller Sybarite Jewellery’s stunning creations can be best described as works of art, with their pop-up details, spinning mechanisms and unconventional concepts. This Merry Go Round ring from its whimsical Curiosities collection takes its source of inspiration very seriously by featuring an actual mini carousel that turns. Set in a mix of white and yellow gold, the ring is fringed with white diamonds, and festooned with strips of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires in shades of pink, blue and yellow. When spun, it produces a mesmerising rainbow effect.

(Photo: Sybarite Jewellery)

This eye-popping, almost otherworldly piece from Russian fine jeweller Vera Tiestto features a multicoloured titanium band that encloses a central stone of natural lapis lazuli. The stone can be swopped out with other gems or crystals such as blue topaz and quartz, while the external titanium structure is also available in other colours. The quirky design is inspired by cell division, while the incorporation of coloured stones is a nod to astrology.

(Photo: Vera Tiestto)