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It’s barely a quarter into 2020 and COVID-19 has already wreaked inexorable havoc on businesses far and wide. Social distancing measures have been encouraged across the nation, but this means that local establishments — particularly, those in the F&B industry — are left struggling to stay afloat. 

In response, local chefs are stepping up to bring the experience of fine dining to your house while they still can. Chef Ivan Brehm of Michelin-starred Nouri, Chef Andrew Walsh of Cure, and Chef Peter Rollinson from Flutes are just some of those who have found a hopeful way to keep operations going by private dining means. 

Nouri’s ‘Nouri comes to you’ initiative brings its signature ‘crossroads cooking’ — which celebrates the intersection of global culinary traditions across time — to diners’ homes. The esteemed restaurant placed number 50 on this year’s list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Ivan Brehm. (Image: Nouri)

Born out of the realisation that eating well and staying safe isn’t exclusive, ‘Nouri comes to you’ sees Chef Ivan Brehm and his team craft new and personalised dinner experiences from each diner’s kitchen. It even playfully offers the opportunity to use ingredients diners already have in their homes. Chef Brehm states that these experiences have always worked — no matter how limited or stocked each kitchen is — because “we treat each experience as its own and don’t impose dishes, but adapt to the circumstances.” 

The dining option is suitable for up to 10 people, and the team observes strict guidelines and checks before, during, and after they are finished.

Chef Andrew Walsh. (Image: Cure)
(Image: Cure)

On a regular day, Cure is a modern, urban restaurant in the heart of Tanjong Pagar boasting informal but elegant tasting menus. Chef Andrew Walsh, who helms the establishment, is now bringing his signature take on the art of ‘bistronomy’ to customers with private dining experience ‘Cure at Home.’ The initiative transforms customer’s dining rooms and kitchens into a professional restaurant and is suitable for up to six people.

Another restaurant making it easy for customers to access fine dining is Flutes, which is housed in National Gallery Singapore. Opt for its ‘Personal Chef’ programme and have Executive Chef Peter Rollinson whip up refined modern European dishes in the comfort of your own home. It serves up to 10 people and customers can expect thoughtfully curated menus and butler service.


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Always have fun @brettschneiders cooking school, particularly when it’s sharing my passion for wholefoods and clean eating. Since I started treating food as fuel a few years ago, I have had a dramatic positive shift in every aspect of my health, both mentally and physically. Good healthy, clean food doesn’t need to come at a compromise for taste. High quality ingredients and simplicity is the key. Treat your body as a temple and it will reward you with a fuller, richer and brighter life… You wouldn’t run an Italian supercar on cheap unleaded fuel and substandard oil and expect it to run at maximum performance – heirloom tomatoes with Avocado, balsamic and blossoms – garlic and chilli marinated Spencer gulf prawns with freekah, broccoli and lime yoghurt – steamed Coral trout with peas, Broad beans and chicken essence – superseed pudding with mango, coconut and passionfruit

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(Image: Flutes)

On how both restaurants and customers can support each other right now, Chef Brehm comments, “Guests can contribute by frequenting places wherever possible, responsibly and safely, but also ordering food from their favourite outlets and supporting F&B related initiatives. It’s a serious moment we are going through, but also a wonderful opportunity for us to remember one another and the planet we inhabit. Together we can get through this.”  

If anything, these measures only emphasise how crucial it is for us to support independent businesses during this challenging period. 

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

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