The past couple of years have driven Japan’s whisky industries through numerous shortages, with distilleries responding with discontinuations, and the market driving the price of these increasingly rare single malts to unprecedented heights. One must work to remember that the scope of Japan’s whisky production is far wider than its now-defunct single malts, and a fantastic way to deep-dive into that world is to visit the sites where these expressions are made.

Japan is home to a handful of distilleries scattered around its various islands. Most of them are situated in Honshu, easily accessible from Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka, so travellers can integrate them into an itinerary seamlessly. Japanese whisky distillery tours are an essential aspect of any travel itinerary to the land of the Rising Sun, and for the ambitious enthusiast, it is entirely possible to make a Japan-wide road trip from one distillery to the next. Just don’t drink and drive.

Let us take you through our guide of Japanese whisky distilleries not to be missed when in Japan.

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