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Trina Liang-Lin | Women of Power 2022

Trina Liang-Lin

Managing Director of Sidra Capital

In 2021, business leader and society darling Trina Liang-Lin was announced as the president of Women in Sustainability and Environment Singapore (WISE). The not-for-profit organisation aims to ensure equal representation and better visibility for women in the sustainability space, while promoting better awareness on responsible consumption and production patterns. The organisation is the first of its kind here that offers gendered action to sustainability, and Trina counts launching WISE – together with Minister Grace Fu – after COP26 (the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference) as one of her biggest achievements in the last two years.

The managing director at a US$5 billion firm that focuses on renewable energy investments in Asia also champions women in other sectors. Trina is the Singapore representative of EMPOWER, the G20 Private Sector Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation; past-president of both UN Women (Singapore) and the Financial Women’s Association of Singapore; and the past vice president of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations.

Whether it be in sustainability, finance or philanthropy, Trina believes in female mentorship, and she walks the talk. “I have about 12 mentees through Young Women Leadership Connection over many years. Although the programmes last about a year, I have an open line to my mentees long after that.” She adds that her mentorship extends to guidance for career or personal matters.

Empowering others is crucial to Trina as she sees it as a way to bring ideas and people together towards a better world. “It brings me great joy to see the seeds of an idea I plant, bloom and flourish. It is important to empower others as it takes a village to change mindsets. I also want to impart knowledge and networks to others who may be able to use these tools to further the cause in pathways I may not see.”

Despite the current progress for female empowerment everywhere, Trina believes there is still a long way to go. “It is really in the last five to seven years or so that gender equality has gained momentum and is taken very seriously in Singapore. This culminated in the White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development this year.”

She believes that while Singapore is still fairly new to the women’s empowerment journey, it is on the right path moving forward. She highlights certain aspects of women’s issues in Singapore, such as domestic violence and gender roles at home, as ones that have been thrown into stark relief.

Asked about the influx of women-led initiatives now, Trina says, “I am loving the new initiatives led by dynamic and brave young women. I am amazed by their wholehearted support of a cause and their fearlessness to learn, understand and ultimately helm new initiatives. This is so important in the area of sustainability because climate change efforts are constantly evolving and everyone needs to be part of the change.”



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