Fragrance Talk: Which Spring Scent Are You?

There are two ways to wear a fragrance. The first is easy — a quick spritz for added charisma, done. Alternatively, you can wear a scent, and really own it. There is something rather romantic about leaving a room, and having everyone know that lingering trail of aroma is undeniably yours. To sport a fragrance is one thing, to pull it off well requires a tad more finesse — achieved through painstaking exploration to find the perfume that fits your lifestyle and persona like a tailored glove.

It isn’t the easiest hunt, which is why we’re here to help. From citrusy to musk, here are the latest fragrance releases of the season, along with their character traits. Among the new launches, we spotted a lot of unisex scents — a nod towards a trend that has been gradually emerging. Which one hits all the right notes for you?

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The Modern, Avant-Garde Persona: Chanel Les Exclusifs De Chanel 1957

The Vibe: Imagine if Chanel decided to hop on the white musk trend. Unexpectedly creamy and soft, the Chanel 1957 is what happens when perfumer Olivier Polge decides to layer common white musk, and turn it into something more. Light with an underlying bold-streak, it’s edgy, but also soft like a fluffy cloud. It’s also a tad deceptive. What starts off as a clean, simple scent reveals a depth unique to each wearer when it touches the skin. For the modern, free-spirited trendsetter, this is a scent that supposedly embodies the spirit of every Chanel creation — it’s also a scent you can easily make your own. Also, fun fact: it was named in celebration of the year Gabrielle Chanel received the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in Dallas back in ‘57.

Notes: White musk, bergamot, iris, neroli, cedar, and a hint of honey.


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The Beach-Loving, Sun-Chasing Persona: Byredo Sundazed

The Vibe: A midsummer daydream, except it doesn’t have to end. Think of a child dancing by the sea, of always being on holiday — Byredo’s latest release is, essentially, the spot-on scent for the season. According to the brand, to be Sundazed is to be “seduced by the sun, in a state of summer bliss. To bask in the freedom of solar worship, a place where time stands still.” Here’s a sweet, upbeat scent that’ll have you feeling constantly sun-kissed, bringing back childhood memories and putting you in a whimsical, dreamlike state. Perfect for those of you whose wanderlust never ceases, even when you’re back at your daily grind — because, why can’t you always be on vacation?

Notes: Californian lemon, mandarin orange, neroli, jasmine sambac, white musk, and cotton candy.

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The “Effortlessly” Chic Persona: Louis Vuitton Sun Song

The Vibe: Imagine you run into an old flame. You want to seem casual, but also make it undoubtedly clear that your life is now going tremendously well, with or without them. What do you spritz on? Louis Vuitton. Part of the newly released Les Colognes line, this marks the brand’s first foray into the emerging unisex fragrance trend, and as far as we’re concerned, so far so good. One-third of the collection, Sun Song stands out for being the boldest. Louis Vuitton calls it a “perfume seemingly made of light”, and with its citrusy scent coupled with gold packaging, it really does feel a little like sunset in a bottle. Fresh and made for the summer, this is a scent that’ll give you the beach-hair, carefree vibes, while also ensuring that you’re always, always on-point.

Notes: Orange blossom, citrus, and musk.


4 /9

The Bubbly, Ultra-Feminine Persona: Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

The Vibe: Loosely translated as ‘For Her’, the latest chapter in the ever-iconic Gucci Guilty line is a celebration of the truly liberated women. The idea of girl-power, unabashed femininity and fearless self-expression is almost like a mantra for this fresh, floral and citrusy scent. Sweet, happy, and downright quite “girly”, this is a fragrance that doesn’t require you to think too deeply, and won’t judge you either for simply taking it as it is — because you shouldn’t need to feel required to justify yourself, ever. Life is too short for worries and woes. Why not embrace your feminine side and let your inner diva shine?

Notes: Mandora, natural pink pepper, bergamot, lilac, geranium oil, rose, violet, patchouli olis and amber.


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The Slightly Edgy, Refined but Down-to-earth Persona: Jo Malone Willow & Amber

The Vibe: Imagine if the Jo Malone team saw a common weed, and decided it was filled with overlooked beauty. That was essentially what happened, and ultimately led to the creation of Jo Malone’s latest limited edition colognes — The Jo Malone Wild Flowers and Weeds Collection. The team, including creative director Céline Roux, perfumers Yann Vasnier and Louise Turner, had come across wildflowers and weeds while travelling by barge, and decided to use them as the key inspiration for their next fragrance drop. A surprising, unorthodox approach, but remarkably poetic — it’s a reminder that wild flowers and weeds are signs of the unpredictable movements of mother nature, making them unexpectedly arresting. Out of the five fragrances, Willow & Amber is our personal favourite. Reflecting the exquisite and delicate nature of the wilderness, think of weeping willow boughs and the lightly rippling surface of flowing streams. The fragrance combines cool, fresh notes with muted woods and a green earthiness, before ending on a hazey, soft scent.

Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, soft cashmere woods, vetiver, and amber.


6 /9

The Sensual, Uninhibited Persona: Tom Ford White Suede

The Vibe: Imagine if you stuck your head into a brand new Tom Ford suede bag and inhaled, deeply. That’s the scent. Musk has emerged as one of the fragrance trends of 2019, and Tom Ford didn’t miss the memo. With White Suede, the maison raises an interesting question. What happens when you take the soft notes of musk and feminine Bulgarian rose, and then blend it with something wholly different — leather suede? The result is fascinating, with a nuanced, slightly mysterious complexity only Tom Ford could pull off. Feminine meets masculine in what should be an off-putting clash of the senses, but is instead sophisticated, mesmerising and refined. Ideal for the sensual, alluring individual who knows they can’t be put under a specific label and who can be everything from feminine, masculine, and most importantly, themselves.

Notes: Bulgarian rose, saffron, thyme, mate tea, olibanum, lily-of-the-valley, amber, suede, and sandalwood.


7 /9

The Nurturing, Kind Persona: Miller Harris Violet Ida

The Vibe: Like a bouquet of violets, Miller Harris’ latest scent is inspired by a very specific muse — Ida Arnold from Graham Green’s Brighton Rock. With violets in her hair, warm-hearted Ida is a representation of morality and of goodness. She’s sensual, wise, and caring — a reminder of the righteous side of life. Like the muse, the fragrance is one of maturity — a grown-up spin on classic violet, with a powdery, sophisticated twist. The kind of scent that makes you think of your brand-new leather purses and an expensive rouge lipstick, there’s a sense of refined working-woman meets Parisian chic — what’s not to love?

Notes: Italian Bergamot, carrot oil, orris beurre, heliotrope, vanilla, and liquid amber.


8 /9

The Bold, Independent Persona: YSL Black Opium Intense

The Vibe: If this scent were a person, that person would be fearless, seductive and wildly independent. The kind who isn’t afraid — but rather, wants to make a loud impression. Black Opium Intense is a fragrance for those who follow their intuition, who know what they want and know how they’re going to get it. Quite intense, the floral-coffee aroma is designed for the unabashedly seductive. While this is no scent for the shy or light-hearted, if you make it yours and pull it off right, it’s sure to be enigmatic and alluring.

Notes: Blue absinthe, boysenberry, sambac jasmine, orange blossom, black coffee, sandalwood, liquorice, vanilla.


9 /9

The Romantic, two-halves-make-a-whole Persona: Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity

The Vibe: Couple tees can step aside and make way for couple scents! Made for the hopelessly romantic, Gentle Fluidity comes in two versions. The same notes, but two different identities — for her and for him. A uniquely layered set of fragrances, two distinct results are achieved using the exact same notes by the maison’s prowess in deciding which notes to accentuate for each fragrance. In Gentle Fluidity Silver, you see a coquettish blend of sweet and spicy, while Gender Fluidity Gold is a delightful burst of fresh warmth and vanilla. The best part? Both scents are unisex, so you could really go either way regardless of gender.

Notes: Juniper berry, nutmeg, coriander, musk, amber wood, and vanilla.


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