Top 3 Microcurrent Devices For Your At-home Facial Spa Treatments

Lockdowns, stress and anxiety can take a toll on not just yout mental, but also physical health – your skin included. Deprived of the advanced technology we have been spoiled with at the hands of aestheticians in beauty clinics while most at-home beauty gadgets in the past usually focus more on textures and discoloration, pre-mature signs of aging like lines and sagging become one of the biggest concerns in the age of lockdowns. But just how amazing would that be if you can safely do skin exercises and lifting treatments at home yourself?

Our face comprises a lot of different muscles that, like every other part of the body, ages over time. Aside from a decrease in collagen production, our face can appear less firm as we grow older. Just like our body, the facial muscles require workouts to keep them toned and firm, and in turn helping us to maintain a youthful appearance and naturally lifted face. Enter the microcurrent facial treatment device that will help you contour, life and tone those muscles.

What are microcurrent devices?

While these may not be new to the beauty scene, these devices are useful at times like this when going out for a beauty treatment is not an option. It’s similar to getting microcurrent facial lifts but with smaller devices designed to be use at home. When applied with a water-based serum of your choice, these little gadgets will release electrical currents to stimulate and tone the facial muscles.

It’s a great alternative for those who prefer non-invasive treatments, and very worth it considering you can use these for many years to come. Some, like the Foreo Bear, can even be used on a daily basis and will take up only 3-minute of your time per use.

For those who don’t know where to start, we’ve selected our top three picks from the beauty world to help you get that jawline game in shape.

Foreo is a pretty much household name for millennial beauty geeks. These bear-shaped devices are cute, practical and great everyday use. Claiming to be “the most effective and safest microcurrent device in the world”, the Foreo Bear comes with customisable microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations that helps to tone over 65 facial muscles in your face and neck.

The microcurrents of Bear is said to help mimic the body’s natural processes to repair the skin’s elastin and promote collagen production. Not just that, but the T-Sonic pulsations are designed to help increase the skin’s blood circulation, eliminate toxins and ease facial tension. For those not sure how to go about using Foreo Bear, simply connect the device to the Foreo mobile application where you can select different facial workout exercises that suits your needs.

NuFace’s Trinity Facial Toning Device is popular amongst many skincare veterans, and for good reasons, too. This award-winning skin toning device comes with interchangeable microcurrent treatment attachments that will gently stimulate the face to help tone, lift and contour.

This kit is an ultimate at-home spa treatment set that will help boost circulation for the large areas of the face, while the two additional attachments will help target fine lines and smaller parts of the face such as the eye and the lip area. The FDA-cleared microcurrent technology will help to provide smoother, healthier looking skin.

ZIIP Beauty’s Nano Current Skincare Device is created through a collaboration between electrical engineers, medical doctors, researchers, skincare experts and scientists. This ergonomic white and gold device will stimulate collagen, elastic and glycosaminoglycans production to delay and reverse signs of ageing.

The device can be connected to the ZIIP Beauty app, where users can connect the device to treatment modes such as an all-round anti-ageing ‘Energise’ programme or ‘Vitaleyes’ to target dark circles and fine lines around the eye area. Those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, too, can enjoy the treatment by selecting the ‘Sensitive Energise’ mode designed for those with broken capillaries, rosacea and sensitive complexions, or ‘Total Clearing’, which will help with clarity for blemish-prone skin.

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