Once bitter enemies, sustainability is finally joining hands with fashion and beauty, and brands in the scene are starting to get the memo. In recent years, the beauty industry has seen a dramatic rise in global demand for products that are cleaner, healthier and more sustainably packaged. Among the leading figures ushering in an era of environmentally conscious beauty is Italian-based brand Davines.

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What’s The Hype?

A favourite amongst fashion and beauty insiders, as well as the professional niche, Davines is known for high-quality, fully recyclable products made using premium-grade natural ingredients. The brand offers a variety of lines—from the famed Oi range to Davines Natural Tech—all of which promise cutting-edge cosmetic technology achieved through transparent, ethical means.

Top quality hair and skin products aside, Davines keeps very close tabs on their carbon emissions, opting to run their offices with renewable energy and produce their packaging sustainability, resulting in a near zero-impact company that offers top-notch products with minimal damage to mother nature.

What To Buy?

The Italian brand is most well known for the Oi range in their Zero Impact project, which uses Roucou to give you silky soft hair while also infusing it with strengthening antioxidants. However, the other ranges are also worthy of mention.

The Circle Chronicles: for a quick, convenient and effective masking experience

The Spotlight Circle
The Spotlight Circle: Brings instant shine and brightness to hair. Uses fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, as well as Moringa oil to nourish hair and enhance shine without weighing it down.

You know the drill—your hair is damaged, but your hectic city life doesn’t permit full days spent at the salon. The Circle Chronicles offers hair masks specifically tailored for modern-day use. They can either be used individually for targeted results—cue immediate shine or hair hydration—or you can multi-mask in various combinations to get a customised hair regime that meets your needs.

For those who need an express all-in-one, we recommend the Quick Fix Circle. Richly formulated with moisturising hyaluronic acid and natural red clay, it gives you near-instant moisturisation, detangling and brightened shine in just three minutes. If your hair is seriously damaged and brittle, go for the Renaissance Circle. Babassu butter helps to detangle and restore softness, while iron-rich yellow clay re-compacts hair structure for a healthier and stronger result.


Natural Tech: for hair products tailored to your needs

Natural Tech: Nourishing

The Natural Tech range comes in eight different categories: energizing, rebalancing, calming detoxifying, nourishing, well-being, replumping and renewing. Have a bugging dandruff problem? Go for the Purifying products—a set of shampoo and gel, the products use natural active ingredients such as dandelion phytoceuticals to treat scalps with dry or greasy dandruff. Of if you’re worried about thinning hair, go for the Energizing products, complete with shampoo, gel, superactive and a thickening tonic.

Natural Tech: Well-Being

For more information on Davines products, visit davines.com, or visit the official Davines Thailand Facebook Page to shop the products.