Prestige Planner: Best Things to Do at Home This Week (August 23 – 29)

Whilst our first lockdown was powered by virtual classes and events, this buzzing craze somehow turned dormant the second time around. Now, since many of us are working from home again, it is time to awaken and become inspired with that learn-something-new-everyday energy once again.

From making fresh pasta to exploring the world of the unknown through an online art gallery, here are 5 virtual classes and events you can attend during this long work-from-home and stay-at-home period.

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Attend a Virtual Pasta Class by La Dotta Pasta Bar & Store
Attend a Virtual Pasta Class by La Dotta Pasta Bar & Store

For the first time, La Dotta Pasta Bar & Store is introducing an ‘Artisanal Pasta Class’ where you can learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch, right from the comfort of your own kitchen. The two-hour virtual class is led by Chef Francesco Deiana who will share his secrets – passed down from his grandmother – to making authentic Italian pasta. Class attendees will receive all the raw ingredients and learn how to cook Tagliatelle Wagyu Bolognese and Tortelloni 4 cheese. Chef Francesco will lead the how-to, featuring an exclusive Q&A session with the chef himself at the very end. 

The virtual class is available daily via Google Meet with a requirement of three-day advance notice. For the class fees, a private class for one is priced at THB 4,500/person and priced at THB 1,500/person for a class of three. Class sessions are split into two time slots between the Morning class (9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.) and Afternoon class (2:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.). 

To book, call 02 392 8688 LINE: @ladotta. 

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Visit a Virtual Exhibition by the United Nations Development Programme
Visit a Virtual Exhibition by the United Nations Development Programme

For those gallery-goers whose souls are fuelled by the power of art, check out the ‘You Me We Us’ online exhibition that is part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The virtual exhibition enables viewers from all over the globe to learn more about Thailand’s diversified ethnic groups through an art gallery of engaging visuals, featuring unseen people with untold stories. Besides the exhibition itself, the campaign also supports a series of ‘Creative and Strategic Communication for Sustainability’ workshops, with the ultimate intent to assist ethnic minorities in Thailand with the essential skills needed for presenting their stories to the world.

The virtual exhibition is available from today onwards at you-me-we-us.com. To find out more, visit their official Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Check out the Scopes Virtual Festival for Creatives
Check out the Scopes Virtual Festival for Creatives

Dubbing itself “a futuristic platform for spirited souls,” Scopes is a virtual festival in collaboration with Porsche, which is dedicated to a collective of creators in Southeast Asia. Bringing together phenomenal works in food, art, music, and wellness, Scopes revolves around four central themes: Pioneering spirit, Design, Sustainability and Tradition. There is a lot to discover and explore through the platforms of documentary-style film, podcast series, live panels or articles.

For Prestige’s pick, we love the ‘From Forest to Table: A Spotlight on Chef Num‘ tradition-themed documentary presented by Wonderfruit x Scopes. Viewers are invited to dive deeper into the chef’s inspirations – connected to his past – for his creations of culinary art.

The Scopes’ event schedule is available here. To find out more, visit virtual.scopes.asia

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Learn How to Arrange Flowers with Skillshare
Learn How to Arrange Flowers with Skillshare

One of the things we would love to do more whilst being stuck in lockdown is definitely arrange flowers and put them in our most-loved vases to uplift our moods. Skillshare offers plenty of virtual classes about flower arranging and pretty much anything that can be taught online. From online tutorials about seasonal arrangements to online classes led by a group of experienced floral experts, all you need to do is just one click away. Of course, don’t forget to bring along your bunch of beautiful flowers, too.

To find out more, visit skillshare.com

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Speak a New Language with Italki
Speak a New Language with Italki

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a foreign language film? Maybe you’re completely entranced by an actor you adore, and as time goes by, you may find yourself mimicking and speaking in the same way as that particular character. If that is the case, why not take this opportunity to explore a new language while staying home? Italki, a well-rounded language learning platform, offers a myriad of virtual classes and brings learners from all over the world together to embark on a self-improvement language journey, with over 150 languages to choose from. Italki students are also guaranteed to have an Italki community to practise with – for free – even long after class.

To find out more, visit italki.com

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