The Best Non-Chocolate Valentine’s Day Desserts to Gift Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is commonly associated with chocolate, yet there are so many more exquisite desserts that can be gifted on this special occasion.

Chocolate usually implies a special occasion, which is why we see chocolate desserts everywhere during the festive season, and on occasions like Valentine’s Day. We love chocolate, of course; it’s the essence of our wellbeing. However, there’s more to Valentine’s Day desserts than chocolate, and we wanted to shed a spotlight on these creations. These Bangkok bakeshops have come up with stunning desserts, perfect for those who crave something a little different. From gold-plated doughnuts to Thai-inspired treats, here are five non-chocolate desserts to order this Valentine’s Day.

[Hero and Featured image credit: Karrat]

The Best Valentine’s Day Desserts to Gift Your Loved One this February

24K Golden Donut, Karrat

Image credit: Karrat

Among the several gold-dipped treats made by Karrat, the 24K Golden Donut is one of the most glamorous choices. The choux à la crème doughnut is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, stuffed with a vanilla filling, and finished with Cristal Champagne glaze. The one important final touch is the 24K food-grade gold leaf, making this one of the most show-stopping desserts. You can also choose your own packaging for the doughnut: either a beautiful red box or a box filled with roses.

Karrat is located in Sukhumvit 49.

Fuwa Fuwa Yuzu, ICI

Image credit: ICI

This creative pastry café run by the beloved chef Arisara “Paper” Chongphanitkul serves up a cute and delicious soft cake flavoured with yuzu. The Fuwa Fuwa Yuzu is a great choice for those who prefer a refreshing, and not at all over-powering cake. The soft yuzu cake is comprised of yuzu ganache, yuzu compote, yogurt cheese sauce, soft cheesecake, cotton cake, and a brown butter crumble base for a little crunch at the bottom.

ICI has 2 branches: Sukhumvit 27 and Mahanakhon Eatery.

Muskmelon in Iced Coconut Milk, WaanThai

Image credit: WaanThai

WaanThai takes the local ingredients and recipes of Thai desserts and turns them into modern adaptations that always look so romantic and inventive. The Muskmelon in Iced Coconut Milk is a dessert placed on crispy tart dough. The muskmelons are turned into a dome-shaped mousse filled with simmered coconut milk sauce, decorated with Italian meringue cream for that extra lightness, and topped with a golden leaf.

WaanThai is located in Sukhumvit 53.

Fleur de Matcha Cake, Montagne, L’art de la Glace

Image credit: Montagne, l’art de la glace

Montagne specialises in French desserts and ice cream. One of their special treats is the Matcha Cake, which ranks high on the list of the best matcha desserts in Bangkok. Starting from the bottom, it is composed of a crumble base, fluffy matcha cake, cream, and mousse. This soft and light cake is then finished with beautiful ruffles of matcha cream on top, and a touch of gold leaf and matcha powder.

Montagne, L’art de la Glace is located on Charoen Rat Road.

Coconut Cake, Brooklyn Baker

Image credit: Brooklyn Baker

Nothing says ‘I love you’ louder than this no-ordinary heart-shaped sweetness. Brooklyn Baker’s Coconut Cake is  meant to be a reminiscence of Thai sweets, for it incorporates kati coconut pudding in between layers of vanilla chiffon, as well as infused Thai aromatic scented candle smoked whipped cream all over. It’s a fascinating play on both Thai and western flavours and forms.

Brooklyn Baker is located in Soi Polo 3.

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