When it comes to luxury leather goods, Bottega Veneta is in a league of its own. The name has been synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship for over fifty years. Its signature intrecciato leather weaving is recognisable around the world. It appears in its shoes, bracelets and wallets, but, most significantly, it is a staple in how Bottega designs its bags.

One of its most beloved bags is the Knot. With over 100 reiterations of this simple box clutch design, it was only right to create an exhibition, “The Knot: A Retrospective”, dedicated to this iconic bag. 

Since opening in April 2008 in Milan, Italy, it has journeyed around the world as a travelling exhibition. Thankfully for us, Bottega Veneta will make a stop at Central Embassy in Bangkok from March 29 to April 9 to host the exhibition on Thai soil. 

The exciting retrospective will feature bags from limited editions found in vintage stores and private collections from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as iconic designs from more recent collections. 

Tomas Maier

Tomas Maier

“The Knot is very much a symbol of Bottega Veneta, a link to the house’s history and to its future creations,” says creative director Tomas Maier. “This simple little box shape, so defined in form and functionality, is like a white canvas that offers infinite creative opportunities.”