As we inch closer and closer to Children’s Day, it’s prime time to start considering how we want to celebrate the little ones in our life who bring us such joy. And when it comes to celebrating, think magical and memorable — that’s what a kid’s dream birthday party is all about, after all! When considering how to create such wonderful moments for the little ones, we must put away our need to go to the most glamorous location in town and in turn think about places that are safe, child-friendly, and relatively large so the kids can run about and enjoy themselves. Sometimes, having a party at home might beat all the other venues you had on your wish list, and with the right party-planner and suppliers, it might just be the best decision you could make for your petite one’s special day.

Of course, in Bangkok, you could always opt for an activity-focused birthday, such as Laser Tag at Playsquare Laser Tag, a trampolining party at Bounce Thailand, or an ‘Awesome Birthday Bash’ at The Little Gym, featuring fun games, music and Lego. Still stuck for ideas on how to plan your little one’s next birthday party? Have a look at our pick of shops, spots, and services that are bound to add some extra sparkle to your child’s next – and best – birthday celebration.