Entering the first week of November, we’re thankfully blessed with an early arrival of those end-of-year “cool days”. With the nice breeze in the air, we can almost forgive the atmosphere for the PM2.5 smog — this kind of weather is definitely too good to miss, so outdoor seats all the way! (If you’re still concerned about the dust particles though, why not invest in an air purifier so you don’t have to wear face masks?).

Throughout the city, we see people begin to ease into the holiday season. For one thing, Bangkok Gin Fest is making a return! Drop by Baan Silom over the weekend to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of gin, and prepare yourself for the parties that are sure to come as we near the end of the year. If you’re planning a winter getaway, why not book a ski trip — The Ski Edition pop-up store at Gaysorn Village offers the perfect spot to get all the stylish ski gear you need. Scroll to see your plans!