Entering the second week of October, we see a new wave of exciting events and — thankfully — better weather. While the smog seems to be on its way out, that doesn’t mean our environmental concerns should get tossed out of the window. This year’s PM2.5 is a reminder that our actions do have an impact, and that our planet won’t hold out for long if we keep causing damage to it. Taking things step by step, now marks a good time to begin bringing a little streak of sustainability into your life — whether it’s by buying a reusable bottle, or saying no to the plastic bag next time you go grocery shopping, every little act counts.

On another note, this week sees a peak in dining events across the city, as we welcome a group of Michelin-starred Italian chefs, as well as several award-winning bartenders. Save your appetites for the exclusive dining pop-up experiences, and be sure to keep your evening plans clear for the exciting cocktail-infused happenings taking place across town as well. From where to drink and dine, to which art exhibitions you should have on your radar, scroll to see your plans!