And just like that, February has come to an end — leap year and all. Though it has undoubtedly been an eventful month, in ways both good and bad, in hindsight the key takeaway could be that it’s time we took things into our own hands — whether it’s tackling existing issues before they escalate, or being more proactive in living life to the fullest. As we welcome a new month, we look to the city for fun happenings to catch. This week, there are a couple of exhibitions to eye, as well as the return of the 60 Second Film Festival. Particularly exciting is the comeback of the Elephant Boat Race & River Festival — an annual charitable event that raises funds for Thai elephants, for a little bit of do-good to kickstart the month. Scroll to see your plans!

NEWS & EVENTS — Our favourite charitable event is back! With the aim of raising funds for Thai elephants, the annual Elephant Boat Race & River Festival will once again take place by the banks of Bangkok’s mighty Chao Phraya River, near Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. Expect a fun weekend of exciting matches between the country’s top boat race teams, as well as an extensive range of entertainment on land — think the likes of live music, mini concerts, arts and crafts, kites, and fire shows. All of which are, of course, complemented by a wide selection of delicious food and drinks. 

THB3,000 per person for VIP access. THB200 for general admission. February 28 – March 1, 2020. Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. To find out more, visit

NEWS & EVENTS — Saladaeng-dwellers have much to be excited about, as the area recently welcomed the Commons Saladaeng. Adding to the buzz, the community space will now be hosting its first block party. Go to meet, mingle, and connect with others in the neighbourhood. Expect delicious food, great alcoholic beverages, and live music entertainment that’ll keep you dancing from afternoon to night. 

6-11:59pm, February 27, 2020. The Commons Saladaeng. To find out more, visit the official Facebook event page

ART & CULTURE — A fun, collaborative film festival event, the 60 Second Film Festival encourages both the local and international film community to come together and create short films that last no more than a minute long, offering them a stage to showcase their skills and creativity. The films will be screened over an intimate evening at Whiteline, and from the participating films, winners will be chosen for Best Film, Best Film about our Environment, Best Director, Darkest Film Award, and the Sustainable Filmmaking Challenge.

7-11:30pm, February 28, 2020. Whiteline. To find out more, visit the official Facebook event page.

ART & CULTURE — While The Commons Saladaeng is hosting a block party, Velaa Sindhorn Village is also set to host its very own Art Market. Bringing together a hub of Thai artists and designers, the three-day event will feature over 50 craft and design brands, offering items including ceramics, accessories, clothings, bags, art books and more. Participating names include Rongsi Pochana, Co Limited, Tum Thonglor, Peace Oriental Teahouse, Crimson Room, Mykita.

March 6 – 8, 2020. Vella Sindhorn Village. To find out more, visit the official Facebook event page.

ART & CULTURE — A photography exhibition by award-winning, Bangkok-based Amanda Mustard, ‘Tooth and Nail’ documents Thailand’s booming tiger tourism industry, as well as the human forces that drive it, and most importantly, what impacts and implications the industry has on the conservation and welfare of what is actually a rapidly dwindling species. 

Until March 15, 2020. JAM Gallery. To find out more, visit the official Facebook event page