As January comes to an end, 2020 has proven to be an interesting one so far. Dubbed by many as the year of clarity, we are already beginning to experience quite a few epiphanies — some harsher than others — especially to do with our planet. PM2.5, for one, brings back the dusty reminder that our actions do have an impact, and if we don’t tone down our carbon footprints soon, those face masks will be here to stay (although there are other alternatives). As health emerges as a major worry, we encourage caution — careful is always more effective than frightened.

With all this happening, Bangkok Design Week’s — yes, it’s back! — theme for the year of ‘Resilience: New potential for living’ rings with particular significance. As the annual affair, which brings together over 2,000 designers and creative businesses, raises the issue of how to create a safe and secure society, perhaps now is a good time to truly look at how we are living our lives, and how we can play our part in improving them.