And alas, June is finally coming to an end — which means we’re past the half-year mark for 2019. Not so different from the so-called mid-life crisis, being in the middle is always a little bit iffy — you haven’t experienced quite enough to feel truly fulfilled, but it’s daunting to see that you’re nearer to the finish line than to the beginning. As with all things, the key to happiness is perhaps not in fearing the end, but in making the most of the in between, and seeing that all finish lines can also mark a new start. For us, we do this by making sure we are abreast and updated with all the most exciting happenings in town. After all, what’s the point in living the Bangkok luxury life if you don’t take the time to enjoy it?

On the list this week, we see a classical music concert by the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra — RBSO Emperor’s of Music. We also see another exciting pop-up by our regular Charoenkrung haunt Jua at none other than Peppina. That, coupled with the Bangkok Bar Show and an art exhibition give us ample reason to be out and about. Scroll to see your plans!