Covid-19 has officially been classified as a pandemic, and as we try upping our ante on slowing the spread of Coronavirus, the best thing to do this week is quite straightforward — stay in. With more and more companies implementing ‘Work From Home’ policies, now marks a good time to choose self-isolation. Even if you are among the stronger, healthier — and perhaps luckier, even? — of us, taking precautions now has become about more than just self protection, but a sense of social responsibility.

You might be strong enough to counter coronavirus, but there’s always the possibility that someone you pass in the street is not. With staying in, social distancing, and hand sanitisers becoming trending topics of the season, it doesn’t hurt to take certain measures to prevent getting Covid-19 yourself. As always, we urge that all our readers stay safe, hygienic, and healthy during these trying times, and may we make it through together. Scroll to see this week’s Prestige Planner — the self-quarantine edition!