And just like that, we have reached October. A couple of updates to mark the start of a new month — firstly, ‘Jay’ season, or the Thai vegetarian festival, has arrived. Regardless of how strictly you uphold the custom, or whether you choose to partake at all, it’s always rather fun to see the city come to life with those iconic yellow flags, and the variety of Jay food available never ceases to impress. In recent years we’ve seen somewhat of a more modern twist on the classic dishes, and you can now even enjoy Jay cakes, pastries, and ice cream during the 10 day period.

On a different note, PM 2.5 has unfortunately returned. As Bangkok gets shrouded in that all-too familiar haze, and ‘Bangkok Filter’ memes make their comeback, this marks a good time to get back on that filter-mask trend and be extra aware of your health. It also, in a way, puts the issue of global warming and our environment into perspective. As you go about your schedule this week, do take the time to consider our planet, and the role — regardless of how big or small — you can play in saving it. Here’s to October!