In today’s social media dominated age, it’s easy to be in a state that is constantly “tuned in”. Restless, hyper-sensitive and always alert, it’s no wonder burnout has become such a real and pressing condition, and our tendency to glorify “hustling” only adds to the strain. Which is why we at Prestige find it so important to take a minute and focus on fulfilling our more abstract needs — to make sure that we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. 

Hence the theme of this week’s events, which revolve around unwinding through art, creativity, and self-discovery. Whether it’s by enjoying world-class performing arts at Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance & Music, or attending an “energy collection session”, take some time this week to focus on yourself, and ask certain questions: Am I happy? Do I feel fulfilled? Is this adding to or pulling from my inner energies? Scroll on to see your plans this week!