Meet Dr. Dissapong “Joe” Panithaporn, co-founder of the renowned The Demis Clinic, who is creating a skincare revolution by providing effective yet ethical treatments

When it comes to ‘loving the skin you’re in,’ it is often easier said than done. While growing into adults, and as we continue to age, many of us have experienced and will continue experiencing a plethora of skin problems during our lifetime, encompassing things like acute or chronic acne, sunspots, and hyperpigmentation.

Someone who can relate to these sensitive issues is Dr. Dissapong “Joe” Panithaporn, also known as Dr. Joe. As a co-founder of celebrated The Demis Clinic, Dr. Joe’s motivation to join the beauty and wellness industry was sparked by his experiences as a child dealing with serious acne that covered both his face and his neck. His skin problems were so severe that he decided to dedicate his career to helping people cope with various skin conditions and encourage them to embrace their natural radiance.

Dr. Joe attended Assumption College before continuing his studies at Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University where he focused solely on dermatology. It was during this time that he realised the full scope of problems related to skin, whether it be diseases, loosening of the skin, and so forth. After he completed his degree, Dr. Joe started apprenticeships to nurture his passion for dermatology and it was during this time that he began to understand certain problems that existed in the field of dermatology, particularly unethical medical practices that were potentially harmful to a patient’s body and frame of mind such as using invasive chemicals.

After realising that these practices did not align with his vision for dermatology, Dr. Joe shifted gears and began working alongside a doctor who was pioneering laser technology in Thailand. After this, he obtained additional qualifications at the Institute of Dermatology in Bangkok, as well as the Academy of Dermatology in San Francisco, USA. Then, in 2009, he ventured out into the Kingdom’s beauty and wellness business by founding The Demis Clinic in Lat Krabang with his new business partner, Dr. Nilobon “Lin” Charoenwut.

Since its establishment, the clinic has gone on to open several more branches around the city including clinics in Ramkamhaeng and Siam Square. As the first clinic of its kind in the country, The Demis Clinic’s ethos is to use laser technology, specifically the IPL all-around laser machine, to support skincare. Their high level of care also refrains from using any acid, steroids, and unnecessarily long or painful procedures. In essence, The Demis Clinic keeps focus on providing effective skincare but with ethicality at the forefront of their approach to any issue.

Currently, all clinics across the city are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment spanning the Isolaz and VBeam machines and the Ulthera machine, which uses ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin in problem areas such as the face, around the eyes, and even the stomach. According to Dr. Joe, this treatment is incredibly in-demand, and The Demis Clinic are at the forefront of providing Ulthera as normally the procedure is rather painful, but through thorough research, the team were able to find ways to alleviate soreness and make the patient more comfortable.

This example of adapting Ulthera for the better is merely a microcosm for Dr. Joe’s continuous commitment to quality care and fostering a lifetime bond with his patients. As a medical professional, he is always in the pursuit of learning and developing his skills and the skills of his nine-people team, as he shared they will be showcasing their work at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco next year.

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Ashima Sethi

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