It’s an innate knowing which leads us to believe that nothing is quite like the heart-warming and spectacular love of a mother. The woman who so selflessly dedicates her time and energy to her children; feeds and nourishes them with good food and great ideas, cleans up after them, takes them to school and picks them up, listens to them laugh and cry with tears and joy, and puts them to sleep at night.

All she wishes for her children is that they grow up to be the best versions of themselves. The love of a mother is so inspiring. That’s why, this children’s day, we have taken it upon ourselves to find out some of the most memorable moments our favourite Prestige mothers have shared with their little ones. Even with high-powered careers and their building of empires, these wonderful women still always have time for life’s precious and most memorable moments. See what they have to say!


Sonia Pim Couling

Actress and TV Personality/Host

My four-year-old son is named Pasha-Dominic. He was born through a surrogate and the first year after his birth was about learning and adapting to many things as I hadn’t experienced the 9-month pregnancy. I felt like I needed to do so much to make up for that. As time went on, I found that everything came naturally and straight from the heart. Pasha has given me so much joy and I have loved every minute of being his mother. He’s was active from a young age. He started walking at eight months and hasn’t stopped moving since! He’s a very good swimmer and started at the age of one month in the pool. He can dive underwater, swim freestyle, snorkel in the sea – never with any help. He’s also been taking tennis lessons every week for the last two years. I have so many fond memories with Pasha as we do a lot of activities and take many holidays together. I would think the most memorable moments have been the little things. The first time he called me mama. The first time he said “I love you” and the first time he told me I was beautiful.

Milin Yuvacharuskul

Founder/Creative Director of Milin

My most memorable moment was with my four-year-old daughter – Asia Reungkitjanuwat – and the first time she attended one of my fashion shows which is something I will never forget. She had never been to one of my shows as up until that point I felt she was still too young to be in that environment. She knew her mother was a designer though! I recall this one time, the show ran very late, but she was still very excited, and she even greeted all the guests as they arrived and looked so ready in her fabulous dress. An unforgettable memory from the night was of her crying towards the end because she didn’t understand why, after the finale, I decided to walk offstage and why when I walked back onto the stage again I didn’t go to say hi to her. It was a real learning moment we shared as after the show I was able to have a heart-to-heart with her and explain how fashion shows work.

Joy Sopitpongstorn

Former Investment Banker at Barclays Capital, Owner of Passionata Collection

My most memorable moment with my daughter Pippa was when we travelled to East African countries together. It was just Pippa and I and a few friends on Silversea’s luxurious cruise, Silver Cloud, which lasted 21 days and took us from Cape Town, South Africa to Accra (Tema), Ghana. We adventured through the Wallis Bay Dune in the Namibia desert and also saw the stunning Swakopmund and Sossusvlei desert of Namibia from a bird’s eye view. We went on to Lobito and visited the National War Museum of Angola. I was amazed by how Pippa was so touched by the arts of the Angolan people and their long fight for freedom – her eyes opened up and she started asking lots of questions about Angola and the current affairs of our world. It was a trip filled with real proud mummy moments as it wasn’t the easiest of trips for a little girl of 8 to see or understand, as we went to places where there were real hardships and wars happening. But Pippa was very brave. At first, she was scared to play with the children who didn’t look like her, but she soon warmed up and made new friends.

Nandhamalee “Bing” Bhirombhakdi

Managing Director of Cavallino Motors

My twin daughter Beam has a gift for music and started singing and playing piano at the age of four. At 12 years old, she entered the American Protégé vocal competition and won first place in the Broadway category and was invited to sing at Weill’s recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York. I invited her grandmother Khun Ying M.R. Malinee Chakrabandhu, and all three of us embarked on a three-generation trip to New York in December 2018. It was the week before Christmas and New York was cold, but filled with Christmas decorations, which made it a wonderful holiday for us. It was Beam’s first time in the Big Apple and she had lots of fun, but had to keep warm to make sure her voice was in top condition. On the day Beam sang beautifully onstage with the pianist accompaniment for “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. Her grandmother Ying Mud and I were watching from the front row with a few other relatives, and we couldn’t have been prouder.

Ploenchan “Mook” Vinyaratn

Design Director and Owner of Beyond Living

My husband and I have three triplet boys, Prinn, Praj and Prann Ruenprapan (Trip, Trey, Troy) and we just got back from Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood. Our family are Soneva ambassadors, and we took a trip there with other ambassadors from around the world. Travelling with three active young boys, one can only imagine how concerned I was about their behaviour! To my delight, everyone kept coming up to me and saying how wonderful, helpful and friendly they are. While there, we had no electronic devices. Usually they love playing on the iPad, but during the four days, the boys didn’t even look at a screen once. Instead, they decided to really take in nature and enjoy themselves; looking at wild animals such as snakes and toads up close and gathering at The Den (kid’s corner) to go on treasure hunts. Every night they went to the observatory to look at the stars and were even able to name some! One night they were all huddled up on one bunk bed in the tree house looking at a cicada. Every time we take our family on a trip to Soneva Kiri, I feel like the boys grow up a little bit more and become braver.

Tata Young


One of my most memorable moments with my son Ray was during my “My Perfection” concert. I was performing the song “Reach For the Star”, the theme song for the Asian games from many years ago, and I was wearing the most beautiful white outfit by Mesh Museum which had feathers and was embroidered with diamonds and sequins. I felt like a Princess. I was giving it my all and my husband and son were at the front row cheering me on and I could feel their love, warmth and support. During the course of the evening, Ray came up to me several times saying “Mummy, you are so beautiful!”. After the show my husband came backstage and said that Ray had been crying non-stop. When he asked Ray why he was crying, Ray replied: “Because mummy is so beautiful, and I am so proud of her”. And I remember being so amazed and grateful that my little three-year-old could say something so powerful and moving and that my music had touched him so deeply. He’s so special and I’m grateful that I can do what I do and have my little Ray of sunshine be proud of me.

Sumalin Hoontrakul

Co-Founder of Bake Ministry and Bites by Bake Ministry

“I always have a great time when we travel together, so much so that it’s impossible to be specific as to which is most memorable. My son becomes more mature after each trip we take. Like, the first time we took a trip he was eight months old, and he came back learning to eat by himself. The next time he was able to walk after we returned and most recently, we went to Singapore, he could remember many things and tell people about the experiences. So, all these moments are memorable to me. “I enjoy every moment of being a mother. Nothing compares to being the whole world to your son. When he becomes affectionate, when he begs for your love and says he loves you…it’s the best feeling. When he looks at you like you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and he means it, it melts your heart. I think I’m fortunate to have him when our business’ are pretty settled. I have a great team and backup from my family, so I am able to enjoy being a full-time mother while working at home.”

Tipanan Krairiksh Srifuengfung

Founder and Creative Director of Tu’i

“My most memorable moments as a mother was when I gave birth to my two sons, Wyn and Fyn. Aside from the joy of holding them for the first time, what was amazing was the timing of their births. We had sought advice from revered monks on the most auspicious date and time for their births. However, since I was aiming to deliver by natural birth, rather than by caesarean section, I thought that it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to give birth naturally on those auspicious dates. However, to our amazement, both our sons were born by natural birth on the exact dates and times determined by our revered monk. We felt so blessed! Being a mother has really brought immense joy to my life. I put my business on hold a few years ago so that I could focus on taking care of my family as I believe a mother’s role is the most meaningful one in life. My children have made me understand what unconditional love is. I have learned about the power of nurturing and care giving. Motherhood has indeed transformed my life and made me become a better human being.”

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